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Whether it’s to an audience of 10 or 500 you’ll find your Matt Formston experience to be authentic, genuine and totally down to earth. You’ll find him physical, kinetic and completely politically incorrect. You’ll find him warm, humorous and likeable.


It'’s not Matt Formston training until you’ve had a chance to experience it in physical form. It’s one thing to hear about an experience and another to experience it in person.


Through his experience as an elite athlete and his corporate career, Matt has a wealth of knowledge and skills that he brings to any coaching relationship. The mindset and attitude to become a world beater are learnable and Matt is passionate about empowering his clients with this toolset.


Bring Matt into the school classroom, corporate training room or sporting team environment to get the winning edge. There are a number of forms and topics that Matt can deliver.


Matt really engaged with the audience. The WHOLE time you were just sitting there thinking, we have fears, every day were thinking we can’t do something and then we look at Matt, my god. He has NO fear. If he can surf and ride motorbikes and bike from Sydney to Melbourne we have no excuses at all. What an inspiration.


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