• It really makes you stop and think about what I do in my roll and the adversities that I’m faced with in my every day life. and how they are so small and insignificant in the comparison to what Matt has had to go through in his life. It really makes you stop and think about what I find difficult and what my fears are in my roll and in every day life and how insignificant they are and to wake up and really take the next step and not be scared of anything. Matt was really inspiring.
  • It was a really, really inspirational session with Matt, seeing some of the challenges he has faced in his life and despite those, excelling far further than most people would. So for me taking one or two of those things and applying them to my life would be of great benefit.
  • Matt made us pair up with a partner, mine just happened to be my boss. Matt got us to go through the steps of how he would communicate with people. Because of Matt’s disability he uses different methods of communication to get outcomes from people. Matt asked us to question our partner about their life fulfilment goals and what makes them tick. My conversation just happened to be with my boss and it ended up being quite a frank and close conversation. It managed to break down some barriers that we probably would have never got through before. It really showed us that in order to communicate effectively and essentially sell effectively it’s really important to understand what makes people tick and by being frank and having an open conversation you can get that information really quickly.
  • For me the biggest take away was, a pretty simple profit and loss formula. Think about how much is it worth for you to get there, how much is it going to cost you in terms of the effort you need to put in and if it’s worth it, just do it and don’t let anything get in the way.
  • This dude is amazing. Just to meet a guy who has achieved so much in life at such a young age, completely blew me away. We did an exercise where we put on goggles that simulate Matt’s blindness and walked through a course in the resort. It’s absolutely amazing that this guy can walk around let alone ride a bike!! I asked Matt a question “If he could go back to when he was a child and grow up with full vision, would he be the same person?”. He said “no way, he is who he is because of his disability so he would not change that fact if he had the choice back then.” Which I admire quite allot.
Hewlett Packard, Data Storage Team,

Communication was the big take out for me, just because when you put your body and mind under such degrees of stress as Matt does as an athlete, you have to rely on other means to achieve your goal. You can tell that Matt has developed his specific communication techniques by design. The strength of that communication is something that maybe we take for granted as abled bodied people. Matt has leveraged this skill to be a strength not a weakness.

I was an Olympic rower for the USA, that was twenty years ago, but it was nice to see such a humbled man. You just don’t understand how operating at such a high level in any sport takes an amazing amount of trust, commitment, sacrifice and then you throw in the element of being visually impaired to anything and it really gives you a pretty strong opinion about the character of that man.

I would recommend Matt to any group, the general theme of his discussion can be applicable to any themes of life.

Chip McKibben, National Sales Manger. Lend Lease Retirement Living

My main takeaway was the fact that if you plan out, develop and have a strategic goal in place and work your life towards those goals, you can achieve those goals and you can achieve them over time.

He is very inspirational. He is very well structured. He delivers an excellent tutorial on the planning process; which was part of the purpose for this conference.

As he mapped out and documented, accountability and also planning is the key to success. You can't just talk about it, you have to sit down and figure out how to do it; and he does it and is very successful at planning.

Riding a single bike for 1200km is amazing. To be legally blind and ride a bicycle with so many things around you that are outside of your control, with cars and poles, it’s absolutely astounding that he can do that


Gary Taylor, General Manager. Royal Building Supplies - CANADA

By all means, any company looking to have Matt present, he is just amazing, absolutely amazing and will do your company very well and your staff will be blown away when they hear and see what this guy has achieved, it’s incredible.

It was just awe inspiring.  It was amazing to see how Matt has done so well and it just blew me away, the fact that even with Matt’s impaired vision, he has achieved so much.

It’s a lot for us to learn as we’ve got all our vision, sometimes we don’t see the forest from the trees. It is an amazing achievement, and impregnated in my mind that we as humans can achieve a lot of things if we want to in our lives, it’s a matter of putting that goal in front of us, like Matt said, and working at it until we chip away to get the goal. Iit was very, very encouraging.

(John participated in an on stage activity where audience members have the opportunity to wear goggles that simulate Matt’s vision). “It was very eerie to put the goggles on and see what he sees through those goggles, it just threw me in a different world and I just felt like a fish out of water. I had no boundaries to work to, I didn’t know where everything was and to try and coordinate your hands and your ears when you’re relying on your ears to listen to things and movement, it was very eerie.

When he cycled to Melbourne on the single bike, after I had put the goggles on I just thought ‘No Way! There’s no way he could do it’. But he had a tenacity that he wanted to do it, he knew he could do it, he just decided to do it and did it. He’s just an amazing guy; he’s crazy.

Look, it’s worth having him, this guy is just amazing and inspirational. I wish him the best for the Paralympics and hope he does win Gold.

John Vadala, ABI Home Improvements Owner. AusTech Franchise owner and WA state distributor