What’s It Like Being Married To A Paralympian?

By Rebecca Formston, Matt's wife, and number 1 fan As the 2016 Paralympic Games nears closer, I’ve found myself being asked this question numerous times. I’ve always struggled to come up with an answer that I feel, not only gives the question justice (I think people are sometimes expecting an answer filled with lots of…
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Harness Your Energy

Positive and negative energy are far more tangible than you may think. I learned this a long time ago when I first became interested in what many still see as the holistic side of mental performance. I will point out that a short time ago, acupuncture was considered to be voodoo by many professionals –…
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The Power of Decisions

When you decide to do something, there's very little in the world that can stop the momentum and energy that comes from that decision. By making the world aware of what is about to happen, people, circumstances and your own motivations will conspire to ensure that the decision becomes a reality. Why then, do so…
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