Defining WHAT You Want: The First Step in Creating YOUR Best Life

It’s a topic I think about all the time -- how can more and more people create the lives they want right now. I’ve never been one to sit back and wait for things to happen to me, and neither should you.

So this next series is all about that -- all about rolling up our sleeves, defining what we want and working through the steps to get there. Because, TODAY, we’re done with the excuses, the “tomorrow I’ll…” and the missteps. Today we live, move and achieve with purpose, all pointing towards our end goal. Sound good? Let’s do it.

First step: defining what you want. It sounds simple enough but all too often I find that people don’t actually know what they want, and that’s a huge stumbling block. Once you know specifically where you want to be you can start mapping out how you’ll get there.

Starting with a sweeping statement is fine -- “I want a better job” or “I want to spend more time with my family,” for example -- but focus on really drilling down from there and seeing how specific you can get. From here, it’s essential to understand your drivers -- what motivates you and why you want what you want. To get started here talk to other people, think about yourself and your personal motivators then start creating a more comprehensive view of you and what pushes you ahead. This is so, so important. You could have a tremendous amount of experience in a specific area but, if you aren’t passionate about it and motivated by it, you’ll never achieve that next level success.

On the other hand someone who’s incredibly driven by something may be able to push ahead of that well experienced person -- it’s all about those motivators, those drivers and those personal sparks that, without a doubt, can catapult you ahead. And keep in mind none of this is observational -- I 100% practice what I preach. I loved cycling and decided I wanted to be a world champion. That was what I wanted. And my drivers? It wasn’t a gold medal or because I, simply, like to win -- it was something bigger. It was my customers and my business. I needed to back up my technology and that my processes actually do work. The next step? Mapping out a journey from where you are today to where you want to be -- that goal, again. Ignore the hurdles for now. In my experience people often find blockers straightaway.

I often encourage people I’m coaching to think about when they were kids. Challenges didn’t bother you, did they? You were going to be a famous athlete, even though you’d never picked up a ball. It didn’t matter -- hurdles weren’t in your purview and you forged ahead. Once you’ve done that it’s easy to identify frustrations, hurdles and shortcomings and, even, figure out how to work around them. Remember, there will be blockers -- life is hard. But with some clarity and drive you can figure out workarounds or, even, ways to push through. Maybe it’s chipping away for an hour or two each day. Maybe it’s enlisting someone else’s help. Maybe it’s asking your spouse to participate in some way. This buy in won’t just help you work around the hard parts but, ultimately, will help you get to your end goal. By doing all of this you’re beginning to create your own reality -- and, likely, it’s getting clearer and clearer by the minute.

Talking about this reality with others only serves to refine your vision and move you closer towards your end goal. People will offer to help, they’ll ask you how things are going and, overall, will keep you honest -- and that’s when the real infrastructure starts coming into place. That’s when your end goal starts to become your current state.

Even if you aren’t quite there, that’s when you start living, breathing and moving in that future state -- the future you’ve created for yourself. I see it every day in my own life and my coaching. I wanted to be a world champion and I wanted to do it for my clients. Very cut and dry -- and a major advantage over the competition who, maybe, just want to win to win. I know my goals and I know why I want to achieve them. You can do the same. But it starts with mapping out not just the end result but why you want it and what motivates you in your every day. From there all it takes it a big first step -- and, from there, being committed to putting one foot in front of the next every single day.

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