Say It & It’s So: Integrating Others in Your Goals

You’ve determined your goal. You’ve mapped your next steps. You’re ready -- but, before your leap off towards that light shining bright in the distance there’s another critical step. You’ve got to shout it from the rooftops.

That’s right -- tell others what your goals are and the steps you’re going to take to get there. It’s not bragging, it’s not premature, it’s, simply, gaining buy in from your inner circle. Not only will those be the same people helping your journey starting right now but they’re also the people who will keep you honest when, maybe, you start to falter a bit. They’re the ones who will ask you how it’s going, they’ll demand the latest news from the trenches and they’ll question you on what’s next. It sounds innocent enough, but it’s very powerful — and, chances are, will keep you on your path more than any amount of goal setting and mapping could.

And that -- that accountability -- is an extremely powerful force no matter your goal. By announcing your intentions and checking in with those same people along the way, you’re creating an added layer of accountability -- now you’re not only accountable to yourself, you’re also accountable to this captive audience. And they don’t want to be disappointed.

The size of this audience could be big or small, immediate family or strangers. It could be a one on one conversation with a trusted confidante or, even, posting your goal to social media then updating your friends and followers along the way. It could be sharing details with a few you’re closest to -- a spouse, siblings or a parent, perhaps. It really doesn’t matter who, how or how many — it just matters that you pull others into your journey starting from the very first step.

Granted, when you falter it might be a little uncomfortable -- no one likes to share a loss, a misstep or an unforeseen challenge. But, remember, no one expects you to be perfect. And, likely, you’ll get messages of support, encouragement and, likely, people who are ready to move mountains to help you achieve your goals. They’ll watch your kids so you can go to the gym. Pick you up at the airport. Connect you with a friend who’s been in your shoes before — and who can help get you back on track.

But when you do hit those goals that same audience will be an incredible source of pride. They’ll applaud your achievements, celebrate your wins and keep you moving ahead. And this is what’s going to help you get to the finish line every single time.

So let’s get started -- let’s devise a plan for announcing your goals to the universe, whether that universe it one person, 100 people or 1,000 people. How will you tell them? How will they keep you accountable? How will you share wins, setbacks and benchmarks? Will it be a public announcement -- a Facebook post touting your end goal, perhaps -- or a sit down with a loved one? Then take a breath and announce your intentions. You’ll no doubt be surprised at the show of support and how accountable you feel from the very first mention.

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