The overall context of the entire Matt Formston strategy is to help people. It’s about changing lives for the better and helping people expand their possibilities and overcome their limits. It’s about helping people find higher levels of life fulfilment through sharing Matt’s own life story and personal technologies and techniques.

You’ll find your Matt Formston experience to be authentic, genuine and totally down to earth. You’ll find him physical, kinetic and completely politically incorrect. You’ll find him warm, humorous and likable. And above all, you’ll find him passionate to the point of completely gung-ho when it comes to helping people find higher and higher levels of life fulfilment.

The key topics that Matt utilises during his speaking and coaching engagements are:


Beyond Limits

Matt Formston functions routinely at levels considered impossible by most people with his physical limits of vision. How can you break through your own personal perceptions of limitation and operate beyond your own limits?


Blind Courage

Matt Formston routinely navigates his world in total darkness. He has mastered his own fears and lives a moment-to-moment commitment to courage. How can you live without fear?


Living Memory

Matt Formston has been forced to hone his memory to the highest levels. It is his memory technology than allows him to freely navigate previously experienced rooms, areas and routes with his extraordinary system of visualization skills. How can you improve your own visualization and memory capacity out of sight?!


Without Obstacles

Matt Formston has managed to transcend the perceived limitations of blindness by a specific mindset and absolute focus on goals. How can you set goals and blast through the barriers to achieve them?


Beyond Adversity

Wherever Matt has looked, throughout his life, he has been surrounded by what most people would perceive as adversity. Whether it’s being forced to find a way through the physical limitations of sight or, more difficult yet, the limited perceptions of people around him, Matt has always found strength from weakness. How can you transform your perceived weaknesses into strengths and blast through adversity in your own business and personal life?


The Pattern Switch

The unconsciously sighted, which is to say normal people, are able to coast through life without needing to develop the extraordinary ‘sixth senses’ and extended skills that the blind must routinely master. Matt Formston has developed an extraordinary system of recognizing patterns in the world, whether in personal interactions or physical challenges, a system that re-focuses your mind on the constants and variables within a situation. How can you develop your own sixth sense and the corresponding efficiencies and possibilities within your life?


Plain Speaking

When Matt was unable to develop and utilities the common perceptions of body language and facial expression that underpin spoken communication, he was forced to come up with an amazing alternative to the perception of communication. He has developed an extraordinary communication technology while engaged in the business of sales that can be used for everything from effective conversation, through establishing trust and engaging relationships.


Stratospheric Sales Techniques

Matt Formston has managed to navigate his way from hundred dollar door-to-door transactions through to 8 million dollar corporate contracts in his career as a salesman. Learn how to develop and extend your own sales skills working individually or within a team.

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