Getting Physical

getting_physicalIt’s not Matt Formston training until you’ve had a chance to experience it in physical form. It’s one thing to hear about an experience and another to experience it in person. These modules are designed to bring you into Matt’s world, then show you a new technique to incorporate into your own life.


Chuck It To Me!

This is an interactive module for use within a speaking environment with a sufficient amount of room. It’s designed to help people relate visually and viscerally to what it’s like to encounter the challenge of near or total blindness.

The exercise starts when Matt asks someone from the audience to throw him a football. He’s been able to develop his skills to the point where, even at 95% blindness, he can sense the ball’s approach and snatch it out of the air every time. It’s impressive!

Then, just to bring the point home, he asks for some volunteers from the audience. He specifically asks for skilled sports players if possible, and then asks them to throw the ball back and forth between them – which is easy. Any child could do this successfully.

The volunteers are them ‘Formstoned’ – which is to say, asked to wear the Mat Formston goggles which limit their visible bandwidth to 5% of normal based with an emphasis on peripheral vision.

Can they catch the ball now? What special skills might they now need? And how might this shift in perspective serve to help us overcome adversity in our everyday lives?


The Blind Leading the Blind

This module really works when you have a chance to bring the group out of the boardroom and into a physically challenging environment for the visually limited such as an obstacle course or, simply, Wynyard Station during peak hour.

The group is split up into pairs. One person is given the Matt Formston goggles, thus limiting their sight to all but 5% of their peripheral vision. The other is completely blinded using a comprehensive blindfold. Matt then challenges these teams to time trials through an obstacle course whether in internal, controlled environments or, for the dangerously courageous, an external environment.

Participants are tough special skills for navigating this reality, which are then grounded and related back to the key topic.


Extreme Formston

For those who want the ultimate Matt Formston Challenge  goggle up and experience some more extreme reality. There are team modules here engaging in Formston versions of common sports such as playing football, ice-hockey, handball and surfing.


In the Kitchen

For those with a sense of humour and patience, comes Formston cooking. How do you safely navigate the hazardous environment that is a modern kitchen without sight? Do you master the technology or just go hungry?