Communication was the big take out for me, just because when you put your body and mind under such degrees of stress as Matt does as an athlete, you have to rely on other means to achieve your goal. You can tell that Matt has developed his specific communication techniques by design. The strength of that communication is something that maybe we take for granted as abled bodied people. Matt has leveraged this skill to be a strength not a weakness.

I was an Olympic rower for the USA, that was twenty years ago, but it was nice to see such a humbled man. You just don’t understand how operating at such a high level in any sport takes an amazing amount of trust, commitment, sacrifice and then you throw in the element of being visually impaired to anything and it really gives you a pretty strong opinion about the character of that man.

I would recommend Matt to any group, the general theme of his discussion can be applicable to any themes of life.

Chip McKibben, National Sales Manger. Lend Lease Retirement Living