• It really makes you stop and think about what I do in my roll and the adversities that I’m faced with in my every day life. and how they are so small and insignificant in the comparison to what Matt has had to go through in his life. It really makes you stop and think about what I find difficult and what my fears are in my roll and in every day life and how insignificant they are and to wake up and really take the next step and not be scared of anything. Matt was really inspiring.
  • It was a really, really inspirational session with Matt, seeing some of the challenges he has faced in his life and despite those, excelling far further than most people would. So for me taking one or two of those things and applying them to my life would be of great benefit.
  • Matt made us pair up with a partner, mine just happened to be my boss. Matt got us to go through the steps of how he would communicate with people. Because of Matt’s disability he uses different methods of communication to get outcomes from people. Matt asked us to question our partner about their life fulfilment goals and what makes them tick. My conversation just happened to be with my boss and it ended up being quite a frank and close conversation. It managed to break down some barriers that we probably would have never got through before. It really showed us that in order to communicate effectively and essentially sell effectively it’s really important to understand what makes people tick and by being frank and having an open conversation you can get that information really quickly.
  • For me the biggest take away was, a pretty simple profit and loss formula. Think about how much is it worth for you to get there, how much is it going to cost you in terms of the effort you need to put in and if it’s worth it, just do it and don’t let anything get in the way.
  • This dude is amazing. Just to meet a guy who has achieved so much in life at such a young age, completely blew me away. We did an exercise where we put on goggles that simulate Matt’s blindness and walked through a course in the resort. It’s absolutely amazing that this guy can walk around let alone ride a bike!! I asked Matt a question “If he could go back to when he was a child and grow up with full vision, would he be the same person?”. He said “no way, he is who he is because of his disability so he would not change that fact if he had the choice back then.” Which I admire quite allot.
Hewlett Packard, Data Storage Team,