Harness Your Energy

Positive and negative energy are far more tangible than you may think. I learned this a long time ago when I first became interested in what many still see as the holistic side of mental performance. I will point out that a short time ago, acupuncture was considered to be voodoo by many professionals – now try and find a physiotherapist who doesn't either refer to an acupuncturist or have one in the office.
I began noticing that when I was surrounded by positivity, my actions, mentality and results all became more positive. If I listened to a positive book, or spoke to a positive person, then my thoughts would naturally translate into positivity and the world around me would create additional positive outcomes.
It's easy to call this oversimplification – but think about a time when you were in a positive head space, and the world seemed to keep offering opportunities to improve, to connect with better people and great results just kept flowing. Then, think of a time when the opposite was true – it's the same world, the same people and you haven't changed, so what is the critical factor?
The answer is energy.
Energy is a choice. You allow positive and negative energy to enter and exit your life, and either choose to engage with it or dismiss it. If someone is talking to you about something negative, you have a decision to make – will you politely listen, engage in the conversation and buy into whatever they're selling, or walk away? This may sound brutal, but as the Olympics gets closer, and my positive energy becomes more and more important, if I am put in a situation where someone is being negative, I will simply walk away. What's the alternative? To listen to their negativity, and in doing so encourage that energy to grow? No thanks.
The same is true for other forms of communication and art – think of social media and movies. Consider why you read negative posts, and even comment on them, encouraging additional negativity. Think why you watch movies that evoke sadness or misery – are these feelings you want in your life?
When I have these conversations with my clients, this approach is often considered extreme, but the alternative is to be reactive to your own emotions and allow sadness, and anger - emotions that slow you down and inhibit your ability to perform – to be given far too much of your focus, and build a negative energy around you.
Try it, find that extraordinarily positive person and spend an hour with them. See how you react afterwards, the actions you take and the results you achieve – you are feeding off the energy and as a result, are creating better energy yourself.

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