The Power of Decisions

When you decide to do something, there's very little in the world that can stop the momentum and energy that comes from that decision. By making the world aware of what is about to happen, people, circumstances and your own motivations will conspire to ensure that the decision becomes a reality.
Why then, do so many decisions, or goals, go unrealised? Because most decisions aren't decisions at all - they are suggestions.
When you decide to do something, you cut off all other options. A decision is an outcome that has no alternative, no fallback position and no justification for failure. Most people however, don't make decisions - they create aspirations and suggestions.

"I want to get rich."
"I'd love to be the best in my field."
"It will be great to spend some more time with my kids."

When you make comments like this to yourself, you are already justifying the failure that you may experience. These aren't decisions; they are things that would be nice, outcomes that would be favourable and that you would be grateful for. A decision is a private and public declaration of greatness.
When I decided to become a world champion, it wasn't because I had an established track record of cycling brilliance – in fact I was extraordinarily unqualified, too old and the wrong body shape. But, I told everyone and gave myself only one option – succeed.
When you make a decision, do you go in 100%? Do you find that person who will hold you to account and tell them what you are going to do? Or, do you hedge your bets and feel good about your decision, but keep it to yourself?
Take their goal, that aspiration and turn it into a powerful decision that will change your life. Tell everyone, and watch the universe conspire, to make your decision a reality.

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